Welcome to SHEWY.DEV!

Yo! If you somehow made it to this little corner of the internet, then welcome! This is my personal blog and project site.

I dabble in graphics programming, modding, and reverse engineering. This site is the first site I've ever made, so I plan to iterate over it and add updates over time.

Here's some facts about me:
  • I'm from the midwest (unfortunately).
  • Silent Hill 2, LoZ: Majora's Mask, FFIX, and TES: Oblivion are my favorite games.
  • The PS2 is my favorite console and I'm fascinated by the hardware.
  • I'm big into 90's aesthetic and low poly PS1 graphics.
  • My main coding language is C++.
  • I love gaming, psychology, music production, and pro wrestling.


My Path to Understanding Computers - 12/9/23